Thursday, 1 May 2014

Easter Sunday, 20 April, 2014

Today was Pancake Breakfast at church before the service. Pancakes with toppings. There were bacon, hot fruit compote, berries, bananas, lemon juice and sugar, and other ones as well. I opted for my favourite - sugar and lemon juice. I just had one as I'd already had some toast at home.
I had bought some GF Pancake mix last Tuesday when I did the shopping for Easter Camp. I haven't used it before as we usually make it ourselves. There are a few GF folk at church and so I got 2 bottles. As it was, only Smurfette was there. It hadn't been advertised though so probably no-one else knew. Smurfette had used the mix before so made her own pancakes. We only opened one bottle, though I think she put a bit much water in so put a little of the dry mix from the from the second bottle into the first.

Nice brekky, then the children had an Easter Egg hunt before the service. Intriguing. Well, I find it intriguing that although Easter Eggs have nothing to do with Christ's resurrection, to my limited knowledge, it was a part of the time at church! I may need to do some research on it I think. 
Neat worship today. There was communion and we went up for it. Sometimes we are served. As C, one of the older gents, was turning from the table he fell.  I saw him from the corner of my eye. It looked to me as though he overbalanced, though some said he slipped in water. A couple of people rushed over. I was trying to get there, to say "Just let him sit for a minute". They hauled him to his feet. . .by then I was there and got him to sit on the seat just behind him. You just never know with the elderly. E, his wife, had been told by then and was understandably upset. I got her to sit as well. Asked C a few questions and he seemed to be ok. Hadn't banged his head, thank goodness. Carried on and got communion. After service finished I checked on him again. I was concerned as they have steps to go down at their house. I also noticed he was rubbing his elbow. . .which he said was a bit sore. Apparently he has had quite a few falls, but won't see a doctor. In the end E said she would ring her daughter to meet them at their house. As they were leaving  I saw some of the people from their life group helping them to their car.
Smurfette drove me home. More chilling out time and I continued sorting ACE stuff.
In the late afternoon we went to A-M Prof and Moneypenny's with Perry & Pa. A-M Prof was working so not there. Moneypenny gave us a cuppa. Pa and Perry liked what had been done. In fact Perry was so relaxed he went to get a book from the bookshelf! The one that isn't there anymore!! It was pretty funny when I said that all the books are at our place and he realised what he was doing. 
Moneypenny said everyone is comfortable there. No-one wants to leave :) 

We got Domino's for dinner. YUM. Pa and I shared a pizza. BBQ Meatlovers.
Perry had the same, one for himself. Boar had his own too but a Vege and Feta one.

After we'd polished off our pizzas I did some more computer stuff. Finally sorted! Spreadsheet done so I can keep track of what we get and have. Hopefully not double up.

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