Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wednesday 23 April 

Up by 7am to get organised. Brekky etc. Woke Locket round 8.15am as she wanted a shower before we left.
Got a text from Moneypenny to say Sunshine was a lot better, hadn't puked in 36 hrs so ok to go if we wanted to take her. Yes, we surely did :)
Locket got a text from Frosty. Could she look after Mr Magoo so Jester could work on the truck? I decided we'd take him too :)
Whipped down to the shops to get a few things. Back home. We were organised by just after 10am. Picked up Mr Magoo, then on to Wadestown to pick up Sunshine.
Both slept on the way over, as I had hoped the precious wee ones would :) 
All the cuzzies got on well together. 

 Mr Magoo, 11 months, investigating some toys.

 Sunshine, 2 years, at right; Mr Magoo, far left and slightly in front of, Halfpint, 2 years. I was struck by the similarity of Halfpint's and Mr Magoo's hair colour!

 Locket, holding Halfpint, and Brains, holding Mr Magoo

 Lil Battler has grown & is beginning to fill out. While the little ones played Brains and Locket watched them. I did dishes to get the kitchen a bit sorted. Chuckles is doing well, however I well remember the busyness and tiredness with a new baby! I can't do much as they're further away, but will do what I can when I'm there.
Locket and Brains made their lunch. After they'd eaten we took the little ones outside to play.

Mr Magoo checking out the surroundings.

The two 2 year olds on the swing set. It is fascinating watching these two grow up. Only 27 days apart in age.

 Love this shot, taken by Locket. Two wee ones peeping through to the other side :)
 Waited till Butcher got home from work at the saw mill. He starts around 6.30am and finishes around 2.30pm. He spent some time outside with the children too.

Butcher showing them all his compost. Looks to be doing well.

A cool action shot of two busy wee people.

Around 3.30pm we headed back over the hill. Sunshine and Mr Magoo slept again on the way home. As I thought they would after all the activity. Dropped off Sunshine first. Had a quick cuppa there. Realised I didn't eat any lunch!
Headed back to Jville. I dropped Mr Magoo off once Jester was home. Pa had walked home earlier.
Got home and had dinner. Brains and Locket were a great help today with looking after the 3 cousins :)

I was a bit tired so bed went to bed early.

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